About me~

I’m just a simple person seeing the world with my camera, dreaming to be a cat wandering the streets…..

I would like to dedicate this blog to a special friend of mine, who encourage me to start writing a blog for my photographic journey.


38 Responses to About me~

  1. Pixieprodigy says:

    Nice pictures u have here. I enjoy them.

  2. hello! just happened to be blogsurfing and stumbled upon this space. love the photos, especially the cat pics!

  3. Willie says:

    Been checking out the fantastic images you have here. Inspirational stuff.

  4. skybunnies says:

    You have a beautiful eye for composition and detail- brings me back to Singapore when I look at them 🙂

  5. eddiemyers says:

    thanks for stopping by and liking my recent post. I thought your pictures were very interesting. Best Wishes!

  6. KVH1 says:

    Amazing photos. Your blog is the best I have seen on WordPress.
    Keep the street cat photos coming!

  7. I expecially love your works on film, but even the digital works are amazing. I’ll keep on following your new posts. Have a look at my blog if you like.

  8. janemcbee says:

    You’re capturing whole stories with a single frame! Love your aesthetic.

  9. ergocakes says:

    Love Love Love the work of yours!

  10. delightful…may you enjoy every moment! 😀

  11. archecotech says:

    I liked your first photo, Lotus. Was it Photoshopped?

  12. saira777 says:

    just came across your blog now… stunning photos! being a crazy cat lady i especially love the cat ones!

  13. Dina says:

    You have a great blog, I’m impressed! I look forward to following you on your photographic journey.
    Greetings from the North

  14. i soo love cats and as well as photography! and i think your blog is just a great mixture of both. love your photographs! worth following 🙂

  15. Hi! You’ve been nominated for the Dragon Loyalty Award! You can find out how to participate here: http://wp.me/p25CBm-15T
    We absolutely love your pictures and use your pictures to motivate the parents to give in and get a cat 😛 We’re almost there… 😀

  16. maueyes says:

    Great blog, beautiful photography!

  17. Very inspiring photography!

  18. Your work is beautiful. 🙂

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